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Published: 20 Aug 2020 19:38

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Africa, Germany: African energy a big drawcard for Germany

In a recent webinar about Germany and Africa’s economic relations after Covid-19  panellists discussed how to mobilise German investment into the African energy sector, establishing clean energy and digitalisation as two major pillars of economic and investment cooperation. In recent years, the African continent has shifted to the forefront of Germany’s foreign policy ...

Source: Why Africa (13 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Ghana: Make renewable energy attractive for export - Energy expert to govt

Energy expert and Executive Director for the Africa Center for Energy and Environmental Sustainability Nurudeen Mohammed has called on relevant government agencies to consider making power production attractive for export. He is of the view that as many countries including Ghana are looking to migrating into renewable energy, the innovation must be harnessed so it can be ...

Source: GhanaWeb (12 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Kenya, Grermany: Why Germany is backing Kenya's clean energy move

However, the transition towards renewable energy and carbon neutrality ... support to Olkaria - the pioneering geothermal power plant in Africa.

Source: Business Daily Africa (17 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Nigeria: COVID-19: How Nigeria can use renewable energy to kick start post-pandemic economy - MD, Lumos Nigeria - Vanguard News

Despite the efforts of several administrations, inadequate and unstable power supply remains one of the major problems in Nigeria. In this interview with Udeme Akpan, Managing Director, Lumos Nigeria, PejuAdebajo, who spoke on a wide range of issues, makes a case for the massive deployment of renewable, especially solar to jump-start the nation’s post Coronavirus pandemic ...

Source: Vanguard (18 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Nigeria, USA: USTDA subsidises Konexa for electrification project

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has recently awarded a grant to power producer Konexa to produce 2.5 MWp of solar power and distribute hydropower in the northern Nigerian state of Kaduna. The electricity provider Konexa is receiving a grant from the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) ...

Source: Afrik 21 (10 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Zambia: Is Zambia the future for the green revolution?

Cobalt provides storage capacity for renewable energy, power grid ... the focus should shift to opportunities in Africa, and in particular in Zambia.

Source: African Mining Market (14 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Zimbabwe:  Halt Coal Related Investments, Focus On Renewable Energy - Local NGO

The Centre for Natural Resource Governance urges government to focus on renewable energy and halt coal related investments, as reliance on fossil fuels creates negative social and environmental impacts in the long run. In a damning report 'Coal Investments in Zimbabwe: A misplaced priority' CNRG said decisions to finance coal investments are not only undemocratic and ...

Source: 263Chat (17 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Nigeria, UK: Consortium To Transform Cassava Peel Into Energy

Several companies and organisations have recently joined forces to recycle cassava waste in rural Nigeria. They will transform the peels of the tuber into electricity to supply farmers in rural areas. ....At the head of the consortium is PyroGenesys, a company that specialises in generating electricity from waste. Based in Birmingham, England, the company is working on the cassava waste-to-energy project with the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF), Mobinet, Babban Gona Farmer Services, ICMEA-UK and Koolmill Systems, as well as researchers from the University of Leicester

Source: Afrik21 (29 Jul 2020 )  Share

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South Africa: In pursuit of a positive mining legacy

Titled Towards Resilient Futures, the CoP project aims to determine whether fibre-rich biomass – such as bamboo, kenaf and hemp - can be used to remediate degraded mining land in a way that is economically feasible and can ultimately assist in generating much-needed sustainable and inclusive economic growth in South Africa.

Source: University of Cape Town News (20 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Togo, Germany: Scientists in Germany, Togo team up on biogas research project

Scientists at the German Biomass Research Centre (Deutsches Biomassforschungzentrum gemeinnützige, or DBFZ) have launched the organisation’s largest foreign project to date in Togo, West Africa. Under the ‘LabTogo’ project, a biogas laboratory will be set up at the Togolese University of Lomé, and pyrolysis burners on a ceramic basis developed at the DBFZ are to be manufactured and tested, with African scientists trained at the DBFZ in Leipzig, Germany.

Source: Bioenergy Insight (28 Jul 2020 )  Share

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Uganda: How use of renewable energy is transforming farming in Nwoya

Richard Nelson, the USAID Uganda mission director, noted that he had been to many Power Africa sites but had never been to a generation site like this one. “I am impressed to find a pilot project, powered by gasification of biomass. This is a new experience and to be able to come and see it working as a test case has been really interesting,” he said. “The potential for this as a source of power throughout Uganda is impressive and Mandulis Energy's business model and how it is tapping into the needs of the local farmers in terms of milling, market access, giving value to biomass residues and their engagement is very productive and innovative. The project has a lot of potential and in the four years I am going to spend in Uganda, I hope to see it expanding.”

Source: The Observer (19 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Ethiopia, China: Rigs being set up for on site of Aluto-Langano geothermal project in Ethiopia

While indicated in social media imagery already, it is now officially reported that Chinese equipment and oil services company Kerui Petroleum has successfully lifted the derrick and substructure for the first 1500HP drilling rig at Ethiopia’s Aluto-Langano Geothermal Energy Project. The completion of the first rigging up marks a milestone in the 70-MW geothermal energy project, which is part of Ethiopian government’s plans to expand geothermal energy generation in the coming few years, the Chinese firm said in a statement issued on Tuesday, August 18, 2020.

Source: Think Geothermal (19 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Kenya:  Nakuru Farmers to Benefit From County's Deal With Geothermal Plant

Nakuru County, which is home to Africa's largest geothermal power plants located at Olkaria in Naivasha and Menengai in the outskirts of Nakuru town, is banking on the use of steam power to enhance food security and drive its economy. The county government has entered into a deal with the Geothermal Development Company (GDC) in which the firm will provide geothermal ...

Source: The Nation (17 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Angola: Le réaménagement du Barrage hydroélectrique de Luachimo pourrait s'achever en 2021

Estimés à 212 millions de dollars US, les travaux, en cours depuis 2018, et dont le parachèvement était prévu, à l’origine, pour le premier semestre 2020, ont connu un retard dans leur mise en ouvre dû à la pandémie du Covid-19. Financé par la Ligne de crédit chinoise, le ...Translate

Source: Angop Angola Press Agency (18 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Burkina Faso: Variabilité climatique et dynamique d'occupation des terres dans le bassin versant du barrage de Yakouta (Sahel Burkinabè)

Dr Blaise Ouédraogo est chercheur à l'INERA. Il décrit dans les pages qui suivent les conséquences du changement climatique sur la dynamique de l'occupation des terres dans le sahel burkinabè. Introduction Le changement climatique global se traduit localement par plusieurs évolutions qui modifient les conditions de production. Le climat comporte ...Translate

Source: Le Faso (13 Aug 2020 )  Share

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DR Congo: Democratic Republic of Congo Expresses Strong Political Will for Gas Monetization Projects

The administration of President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi has made energy security and investment its top priority, seeking to get massive hydropower projects off the ground Print Share ...

Source: Africa Newsroom (17 Aug 2020 )  Share

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DR Congo, China, Spain: China Dominates Bid for Africa’s Largest Dam in New Pact

Chinese and Spanish developers that want to build Africa’s biggest hydropower plant in the Democratic Republic of Congo agreed to form a single consortium in an accord the country says is a key step to realizing the plan.

Source: Bloomberg Africa (08 Aug 2020 )  Share

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DR Congo, China: DRC: Chinese companies to head consortium for Inga III dam

The Chinese and Spanish companies chosen by the Congolese RD authorities finally agreed to form a consortium for the development of the Inga III hydroelectric project. In the wake of this agreement, South Africa has renewed interest in this mega hydroelectric project which will produce 11,050 MW. The ...

Source: Afrik 21 (12 Aug 2020 )  Share

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DR Congo, Germany: DRC’s big drive to boost energy

The administration of DRC President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi, has made energy security and investment a top priority. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) wants to get massive hydropower projects off the ground, and recently signed contracts for the construction of a number of substations. Meanwhile, it is reported from the DRC that a delegation of German investors visited ...

Source: Why Africa (18 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan: Sudan, Egypt Optimistic on Nile Dam Deal with Ethiopia

KHARTOUM - Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia have agreed to present draft proposals on how to manage Addis Ababa's controversial Nile hydroelectric dam by Tuesday according to Sudan's water ministry.

Source: Hiiraan Online (18 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Kenya: KENYA: Koru-Soin multi-purpose dam construction to begin in September 2020

The Kenyan authorities plan to start construction of the Koru-Soin Multi-Purpose Dam by September 2020. The facility to be built in Kisumu County in the west of the country will provide water for community supply, irrigation and a small hydropower plant. The Koru-Soin multi-purpose dam project will ...

Source: Afrik 21 (10 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Kenya: Koru-Soin Dam Construction to Begin in September

Construction work is set to begin on the Koru-Soin multipurpose dam on River Nyando, in Kisumu in September this year. The dam will generate power at an associated 2 MW hydropower plant as well as address a number of water control needs. Erick Okeyo, the chairperson of the National Water Harvesting Storage Authority ...

Source: Alternative Africa Energy (10 Aug 2020 )  Share

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South Africa: On-farm hydroelectric power boosts dairy’s bottom line

With South Africa being a water-scarce country, opportunities for widespread hydroelectricity production are largely limited to sites capable of generating under 100MW each, according to information provided by the US Department of Energy. One such small-scale hydroelectric power plant has been operating intermittently in a hidden nook on the Mooi River, which runs through ...

Source: Farmer's Weekly (South Africa) (12 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Africa, Israel: Innovation: Africa designs Energy Box for off-grid schools

The Energy Box, a groundbreaking device that delivers energy to off-grid schools and medical centers, was recently unveiled by Israel-based Innovation: Africa (iA), a 12-year-old non-profit organization dedicated to bringing Israeli solar, water and agricultural technologies to rural African villages. Created and produced by engineers at Innovation: Africa’s Herzliya Pituah headquarters with the Israeli product design firm MOTA design studio, about the Energy Box provides sufficient light and energy to power all of a facility’s laptops and/or medical equipment.

Source: Israel21c (13 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Africa: AIIM bets on solar power growth with further investment in Bboxx

African Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM) plans to invest more money into clean-energy utility platform Bboxx to fund the company’s growth, AIIM chief investment officer Romain Py tells The Africa Report. Private-equity firm AIIM’s stake in Bboxx, which operates in countries including Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Kenya, won’t increase from its current level of around 30%, Py adds. He didn’t give an amount for the new investment.

Source: The Africa Report (14 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Africa: Minigrids: a boon, given the right support

The wider adoption of minigrids, largely powered by solar energy, offers the tantalising prospect of bringing a robust electricity supply to African towns, ...

Source: African Business (12 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Africa: African grid operators that don't open up to solar risk being left behind

African grid operators that don't put solar power onto their systems risk ... There are already many places where solar energy is the cheapest option ...

Source: The Africa Report (10 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Chad, Argentina: CHAD: Argentine Alcaal, to carry out studies for 200 MWp PV solar power plant

The Argentinian company Alcaal has signed an agreement with the Chadian government to carry out feasibility studies for a 200 MWp photovoltaic solar power plant. The facility to be built near N'Djaména will be equipped with an electricity storage system. The visit of the representatives of the Alcaal ...

Source: Afrik 21 (13 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Egypt: Egypt Cancels West Nile PV Project

The state-owned Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) has reportedly cancelled a tender for the construction of the 200-MW West Nile Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant. The facility was to be grid-connected and help the country diversify its energy mix. This decision is reportedly due to low demand in the local ...

Source: Alternative Africa Energy (13 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Ghana:  Sunpower Ready to Partner Govt to Deliver Solar Energy

An indigenous firm, SunPower Innovations, is ready to partner the government to produce and deliver solar energy to businesses and communities in Ghana. Since its inception, SunPower Innovations has installed more than seven megawatts of Solar PV capacity and undertaken major installations at shopping centres, banks and other financial institutions, educational ...

Source: Ghanaian Times (18 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Kenya: Marco Borero wraps up financing for Nyeri solar PV project

The Marco Borero company has closed the financing for its solar photovoltaic project in Nyeri in central Kenya. The solar power plant that will be connected to the grid will have a capacity of 1.5 MWp. The Nyeri solar project is now entering the construction phase. Marco Borero Company recently ...

Source: Afrik 21 (18 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Kenya: GivePower installs solar-powered desalination system at Likoni

The GivePower organization has just commissioned a desalination system in Likoni in Mombassa County, Kenya. The containerised system, powered by solar energy, provides drinking water to the people of this coastal area. A seawater desalination system is now operational at Likoni in Mombassa County in ...

Source: Afrik 21 (14 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Mali: Malian off-grid solar company Energy+ raises $1m investment

Energy+, a Malian off-grid solar company, has secured US$1 million in financing from a consortium of international financing partners to help close the electricity gap in the country. Energy+ is the exclusive importer, distributor, and reseller of d.light off-grid solar (OGS) products in Mali. Having made its first product sales in March 2019, it has since sold thousands ...

Source: Disrupt Africa (14 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Niger: Startup company launches solar-powered remote irrigation system

Young Nigerien entrepreneur Abdou Maman-Kané has recently developed an automatic irrigation system powered by renewable energy (RE) and operating remotely. The system developed by his company Tech-Innov will enable producers in this West African country to improve water management on their plantations. ...

Source: Afrik 21 (06 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Nigeria, USA: USTDA subsidises Konexa for electrification project

These small solar power plants will be installed to supply mini power grids ... two-way trade and investment between the United States and Africa.

Source: Afrik 21 (10 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Nigeria:  How Solar Energy Coy, Wavetra, Is Fighting Unemployment in Nigeria

'Technology and entrepreneurship is the solution to eradicating the unemployment gap in the country" Peter Ojike, the Director of Wavetra Energy LTD. - a wholly indigenous solar company in Nigeria said while speaking to our reporters, and truly there seems to be no breakthrough in sight as the NBS data suggests on every quarterly report, the 2018 Q3 report pegged ...

Source: Vanguard (12 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Rwanda: AFRICA: Ignite Power to acquire 300,000 solar home systems

Solar kit supplier Ignite Power is tendering for the procurement of 300,000 solar home systems for rural electrification in Africa. Companies interested in the tender have until August 22, 2020 to submit their bids... In order to implement its electrification projects in Africa, Ignite Power wants to ...

Source: Afrik 21 (17 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Senegal: Senegal Introduces VAT Exemption for Solar Inputs

Senegal’s Ministry of Energy announced the final signature of the adapted bill exempting VAT for “the production of renewable energies related to solar, wind and biogas energy.” This latest decision is part of the governmental strategy which aims to achieve universal access to electricity in this West ...

Source: Alternative Africa Energy (06 Aug 2020 )  Share

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South Africa: Here's why South Africa needs solar-powered EV charging stations

Fortunately, South Africa has abundant sunshine, which could help reduce the burden with solar charging. Unfortunately, electric vehicles tend to be ...

Source: The Next Web (17 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Uganda, EU: EIB to Provide $12.5 Million to ENGIE to Set Up Off-Grid Solar Systems in Uganda

The European Investment Bank (EIB) announced that it would provide $12.5 million to solar system installer Fenix International, a subsidiary of ENGIE, to accelerate installations of off-grid solar systems in Uganda. According to the press release, Fenix International plans to install 240,000 off-grid solar home systems in the country to provide easy and affordable energy access to households and entrepreneurs. The new initiative is expected to help families and entrepreneurs outside the national electricity network with new economic, health, and educational opportunities.

Source: Mercom India (11 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Zambia: Kalulushi concentrated solar plant gears up for construction

The Kalulushi concentrated solar power plant will be built on a 450 hectare site ... Zambia is one of the leaders in green energy development in Africa.

Source: Construction and Civil Engineering News (12 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Zimbabwe:  Stock Exchange Switches to Solar Energy

As part of its strategy to cut on costs and promote sustainable renewable energy, the country's flagship bourse, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has switched to solar energy and expects to save up to US$ 42 000 in electricity spending, 263Chat Business has established. The 40 Kilo-volt-amperes (kVA) solar plant was commissioned yesterday by the company board ...

Source: 263Chat (18 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Egypt: Egypt's NREA, Denmark's Vestas to ink 250MW wind farm deal

Egypt's New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) and Denmark's wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas will sign on Tuesday an agreement to implement a 250 MW wind power plant, according to sources.The wind farm's implementation is scheduled to take place within two years, the official sources (...)

Source: Masress (17 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Other Alternative Energy News

Kenya: Kenya Wind Project Stalls

According to reports, Kenya’s Baharini Wind Power has hit a major brick wall with the Lamu County assembly passing a motion to invalidate the project over alleged failure to meet required conditions related to the land the project was to be built on. A partnership between Elicio NV, a Belgian renewable energy ...

Source: Alternative Africa Energy (06 Aug 2020 )  Share

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South Africa:  China Energy in South Africa Holds Open Day Event On Wind Power Project

Beijing — An Open Day to showcase operations, COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control measures and resumption of work at the De Aar wind power project, South Africa's largest wind power project, was held on Aug 10. Themed "Greener Energy, Greener Life", the event was presided over by Longyuan South Africa Renewables of China Longyuan Power Group Corporation ...

Source: PR Newswire (12 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Angola: African Development Bank presents findings of the Angola Green Mini-Grid Market Assessment

The African Development Bank hosted a webinar to present the findings and recommendations of the Angola Green Mini-Grid Market Assessment report, implemented through the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa.

Source: African Development Bank Group (03 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Botswana, USA: Savage Kingdom: Look Who's Winning The Renewable Energy Battle In Botswana ...

The US-sponsored Power Africa initiative is another World Economic Forum partner, and they are eyeballing 30,000 megawatts in renewable energy ...

Source: (14 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Burkina Faso: Three companies join forces with ANEREE to energise households

The National Agency for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency (ANEREE) has recently signed three partnership agreements with the Burkinabe National Electricity Company (Sonabel), the Burkinabe National Hydrocarbons Company (Sonabhy) and the Burkinabe Rural Electrification Agency (Aber) for the implementation of its "Programme 10 actions canicules" ...

Source: Afrik 21 (13 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Ghana:  Lighting Up Africa - Bringing Renewable, Off-Grid Energy to Communities

Accra — woa Adezawa lives on the Cape Coast of Ghana near the Elmina fishing port on the Atlantic coast. Her husband is a fisherman, and each day he must travel farther to find fish. However, the most difficult part of their life as a family, she said, has been the complete absence of electricity. Until recently, her entire community lived without power. ...

Source: World Bank (14 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Ghana: Make renewable energy attractive for export - Energy expert to govt

Energy expert and Executive Director for the Africa Center for Energy and Environmental Sustainability Nurudeen Mohammed has called on relevant government agencies to consider making power production attractive for export. He is of the view that as many countries including Ghana are looking to migrating into renewable energy, the innovation must be harnessed so it can be attractive for neighbouring countries to import.

Source: Ghana Web (12 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Kenya: KenGen to Roll Out Electric Car Charging Facilities

KenGen plans to roll out facilities for electric car charging systems in the country, as the electricity generating company prepares for a possible roll-out of electric Public Service Vehicles (PSVs). The company’s Strategy and Innovation Director David Muthike believes that KenGen is ready to support electric PSVs, and says the company ...

Source: Kenya Engineer Magazine (12 Aug 2020 )  Share

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Nigeria: ICELLPOWER unveils Innovative Tall Tubular Batteries

Foremost renewable energy manufacturer has launched its tall tubular battery into the Nigerian market. At the launching in Lagos at the Corporate Head Office the Business Manager  Mr.  Tunde Towolawi stated that in the quest to meet the increasing demand for more durable and longer lasting batteries, “We are delighted to introduce ICELLPOWER tall tubular batteries with ...

Source: Techpoint Africa (11 Aug 2020 )  Share

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South Africa, Germany: More German technical expertise to help Eskom, kick-start South African economy

She said with its mineral and coal resources (not to mention the mostly sunny climate), South Africa should be able to benefit from renewable energy.

Source: The South African (15 Aug 2020 )  Share

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South Africa: Call for public to comment on Renewable Energy Development Zones

Public comment on the geographical areas identified as Renewable Energy Development Zones (REDZ) for wind and solar, and required environmental authorisation processes has been extended to 4 September. The Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries extends the comment period for the Government Notices related to the REDZ programme on 17 and 31 July 2020.  “In a ...

Source: (18 Aug 2020 )  Share

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South Africa:  Environment, Forestry and Fisheries On Extension for Public Comment On Renewable Energy Development Zones and Related Environmental Processes

An extension has been granted to 4 September 2020 for public comment on the geographical areas identified as Renewable Energy Development Zones (REDZ) for wind and solar, and required environmental authorisation processes. In a series of Government Notices published in July, the Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, Ms Barbara Creecy, had called for public ...

Source: Government of South Africa (18 Aug 2020 )  Share

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West Africa: West Africa needs enabling climate to exploit significant gas potential

If your business is energy-intensive and you wanted to displace your entire power supply with solar today, the cost is prohibitive. You just can't.

Source: Ventures Africa (12 Aug 2020 )  Share

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