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Published: 18 Oct 2019 12:19

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Cameroon, Nigeria:  Nigeria to Team Up With Cameroon to Set Cocoa Price

Nigeria is planning to team up with Cameroon to agree on a premium for their cocoa with international buyers, following moves by the top producers - Ivory Coast and Ghana, to boost prices for their crops, the Vice President of the World Cocoa Producers Organisation, Sayina Riman, has said. The plan, which was said to have been suggested by Nigeria, the world's ...

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Ghana, Africa: New post-harvest fishing technology transforming lives of women and young people in Africa

3 October 2019, Elmina [Ghana] – As the world continues to explore crucial issues related to food safety, food security and nutrition within the global agenda, women and young people play a critical role. Africa in particular remains one of the continents relying entirely on smoking and drying for fish processing at small and medium scale levels. These practices and ...

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Ghana:  Senior Minister Fumes Over U.S.$1.35 Billion Rice Importation

Ghana spent 1.35 billion dollars on the importation of rice last year, the Senior Minister, Mr Yaw Osafo-Maafo has disclosed. According to the senior minister, foreign exchange that could be used on machinery to modernise the economy was spent on rice although rice could be grown in every part of the country. Mr Osafo-Maafo was speaking at the Ghana Beyond Aid (GBA) ...

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Kenya: Alarm as Kenya runs out of foot and mouth vaccine

Kenya is staring at a crisis in the dairy sector following a prolonged shortage of foot and mouth vaccine, even as some counties have put in place quarantine measures to prevent the movement of animals. The shortage, which has been there for months, has been blamed on the quarantine that limited access to animals from which to extract the vaccine material.

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Zimbabwe: Land and tenure in Zimbabwe’s communal areas: why land reform was needed

Access to land is central to the livelihoods of rural people, but in the communal areas this is highly constrained outside the land-extensive Lowveld site of Mwenezi. Even in dryland Chivi average holdings are only 2.1 hectares, while in Gutu North they are as small as 1.4 hectares on average (see table below). The communal areas of course were established as labour reserves in the colonial period, and were never meant to afford the opportunity to accumulate independently. The aim was to provide some level of social security in old age, ...

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Production - arable

Ethiopia: Lowland Wheat Initiative Kicks Off in Ethiopia

At full implementation, the lowland wheat initiative will cover more than 132,000 hectares of land across the three basins The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), in collaboration with the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR), the Ethiopian Agriculture Transformation Agency (ATA), the Ethiopian Agricultural Research Council Secretariat (EARCS), regional ...

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Ghana: Ghana’s Mango Industry Under Attack

Some mangoes affected by the disease THE BACTERIAL Black Spot (BBS) disease is dealing a hefty blow to Ghana’s mango industry. According to Blue Skies, a leading fruit processing company, if the situation is not treated as a national agriculture emergency, the mango industry would collapse in the next five years. The company issued the warning on the back of a severe ...

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Kenya: Kenyan small scale farmers increasingly move from growing food crops to herbal stimulant

Kenyan small scale farmers in central Kenya are increasingly moving from growing food crops to planting and harvesting an herbal stimulant known locally as “Muguka” – a variety of the drug, Khat. According to the farmers, the herbal stimulant gives them almost three times as much as the food crops. However, the local county government is adamant about the farmers creating a balance between producing “Muguka” and food...

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Kenya: Tea agency pushes tea growers into poverty

In the rural villages of Mt Kenya region the amount of money paid to tea pickers per kilo equals the amount of money paid by KTDA to farmers. In essence, tea farmers with no family labour hardly get any money at the end of the month since it all goes to pay tea pickers. Farmers are forced to wait for the second payment, which KTDA calls bonus, but when the payments drop like they did this year, the growers are left at a loss. ...

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Liberia:  Stakeholders Urge to Address Hindrance in Oil Palm Sector

Stakeholders in the oil palm sector have been urged to address key issues and longstanding questions that have been seen as hindrance, with admonishment that today is the most pleasant time to make all of the needed corrections that were not considered in the past. Under the auspices of Solidaridad with support from the Netherlands, the National Interpretation (NI) ...

Source: The New Dawn (11 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Liberia:  Liberia Ends National Interpretation Workshop On RSPO's Principles, Criteria

Stakeholders from Liberia's oil palm sector have concluded a two-day workshop the on interpretation of the principles and criteria of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a tool which serves as a global guideline for sustainable palm oil production. The workshop encouraged stakeholders to brainstorm ways on how to explore the sector without harming the ...

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Mozambique:  Mozambique Maize Prices Highest in Recent Years

Maputo — PRICES of the staple maize have continued an upward trend in Mozambique on the back of ongoing humanitarian assistance and above-average second season harvest as well as the ongoing militancy by suspected Islamist groups north of the country. The prices of the commodity have been escalating from July to August in typical surplus markets in the central and ...

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Nigeria:  Farmers Can Now Fast-Dry Grains, Store Produce for 3 Years - NSPRI

Ilorin — Grains farmers can now dry their produce in a matter of hours and store them for more than three years without the use of chemicals, thanks to a new preservation technology developed by the Nigeria Stored Products Research Institute (NSPRI). NSPRI, an agency of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development under the supervision of the ...

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Tanzania:  Domestic Plants Process 4,000 Tonnes of Cashews

Dar es Salaam — The government on Monday said six large and eight small-scale factories in Mtwara and Lindi Regions processed some 3,917.39 tonnes of cashew nuts from November 2018 to September this year. The factories employ a total of 3,511 workers, the Industry and Trade permanent secretary, Prof Joseph Buchweishaija, said in a statement. "Since President ...

Source: The Citizen (03 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Tanzania:  Boon for Traders As Maize Price Climbs 48 Per Cent

Dar es Salaam — Wholesale price of maize has increased by 48 per cent in a year triggering fears among consumers of the country's main staple food. The Bank of Tanzania (BoT) monthly Economic Review for August shows that wholesale price of maize has climbed significantly to Sh61,341.4 per 100-kilo in July, 2019 from the Sh41,283.0 of the corresponding month of ...

Source: The Citizen (02 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Zimbabwe:  Vaya On New Season

Vaya Tractor plans to plough at least one million hectares of land for smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe this year. The On Demand Logistics platform, developed by Cassava, already has 3 000 tractors on its platform and over one million smallholder farmers registered with its EcoFarmer network. Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe CEO Eddie Chibi said the platform is engaging the ...

Source: The Herald (09 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Production - livestock

Angola: Animal feed industry quadruples production

To increase production, the company is installing a new four-line industrial unit for all products that are produced in ways that professionalize the unit. The factory located in the municipality of Cazenga has conditions that allow the proper and personalized manufacture of various types of compound foods, such as animal feed, protein concentrates and additive kernels, ...

Source: Angop Angola Press Agency (10 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Kenya: My milk profits have grown, thanks to AI

A simple barbed wire fence rings the farm in Mengwet village, Bomet County. Rows of banana, sunflower and vegetable plants greet visitors. Napier grass, sorghum and lucerne grass dance to the tune of a light wind. It is on this land that Wesley Bett also keeps chickens and 15 zero-grazing dairy cows, the mainstay of his ...

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Lesotho:  Unhappy Wool Farmers Plan Another Demonstration

Wool and mohair farmers are planning another massive demonstration to compel the government to revoke the controversial wool and mohair regulations which they say have impoverished them. The 18 October 2019 planned demonstration follows the farmers' June 2019 protest where the farmers petitioned parliament to scrap the Agricultural Marketing (Wool and Mohair Licensing) ...

Source: Lesotho Times (03 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Namibia:  Study Suggests Investigation Into Viable Community-Based Livestock Support Services

Windhoek — A study of marketing systems for livestock and livestock products in the northern communal areas undertaken by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) suggests that an investigation into viable community-based livestock support services delivery models for different areas should be done The report that was released recently by IPPR explained that ...

Source: New Era (09 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Uganda:  Livestock Traders Defy Quarantine

Livestock traders in Bugisu Sub-region have defied a quarantine that was imposed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal industry and Fisheries last month. The quarantine was imposed in the districts of Mbale, Sironko, Namisindwa and Manafwa following an outbreak of foot and mouth disease. The ministry had also ordered the closure of butcheries, livestock markets and ...

Source: The Monitor (11 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Production - fishing and aquaculture

Kenya: Look out for better fish species in coming months

Climate change has hit many agricultural sub-sectors, with the aquaculture industry being among those feeling the pinch. Dr Domitila Muendo, a research assistant at the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute in Sagana, spoke to Rachel Kibui on how farmers can still raise their production How has climate ...

Source: Daily Nation News (31 Aug 2019 )  Share

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Liberia:  MCA-L On Crawfish Preservation in St. Paul River

The Millennium Challenge Account-Liberia has announced it is undertaking an environmental project that will help avert the decline in the population of prawns, locally known as crawfish, in the St. Paul River on which the Mt. Coffee Hydro Dam is built. MCA-L Director of Environment and Social Performance, Paul Kennedy, made the disclosure at a recent retreat of the ...

Source: The New Dawn (17 Sep 2019 )  Share

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Morocco: EBRD & EU Support Morocco's Fishing Industry

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is working on strengthening the small-business support for the fishing industry in Agadir region, famous for its fishing sector ... Morocco is the biggest fish producer in Africa, and its fishing industry has generated 35,000 jobs and 1.4 million tons of produce worth €1.6 million since 2007 ...

Source: The North Africa Post (28 Sep 2019 )  Share

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Investment - domestic

Kenya: Kenyan agri-tech startup Lentera secures debt funding from KCIC

Kenyan agri-tech startup Lentera has signed a working capital finance facility with the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) to enable it to provide climate smart agriculture solutions to more farmers while it seeks equity investment. Founded in 2017, Lentera offers precision agriculture services, including farm software, weather sensors, drone and satellite imaging, as ...

Source: Disrupt Africa (News) (09 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Nigeria:  Nigerian Banks Give Only 4% of Their Loans to Agriculture

Despite efforts by the Nigerian government to focus on agriculture and make it a mainstay of the Nigerian economy, Nigerian banks gave only 4.20 per cent of their total loans to the sector in the second quarter (Q2) of this year. A total of N15.1 trillion was given as loans in the second quarter of 2019, out of which only N636 billion was given to agriculture. The ...

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Nigeria:  How Small-Holder Farmers Can Attract Funding - Business Heads

Onyeka Akumah , the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Farmcrowdy; Yomi Jemibewon , Co-Founder of CardinalStone; Olu Wole , Deputy Director, Development Finance Department of the Central Bank of Nigeria, and Thomas Essel , Secretary General of African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (AFRACA), based in Kenya, spoke at the recent Agricultural Summit hosted by Sterling Bank PLC in Abuja...

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Nigeria: How Nigeria’s Agrilet helps users make speedy returns on agricultural investments

Agrilet is not the only Nigerian – or African – platform allowing non-farmers to invest directly in agriculture, but in the size of its returns and the speed with which these are delivered it feels it has an edge on the competition. Launched last year, Agrilet allows users to invest in selected farm projects and monitor progress via its online platform. ...

Source: Disrupt Africa (Startups) (02 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Nigeria: NIRSAL: Guiding new agro-finance revolution

Challenging periods force new thinking and facilitate new ideas. Significantly, these periods also throw up the men to drive the needful innovations and give life to a new, imperative order. For Africa’s behemoth, while the Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending, NIRSAL Plc, is the transformative platform, Mr. Aliyu Abdulhameed, is its pioneer Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer...

Source: Blueprint (12 Oct 2019 )  Share

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South Africa: Boost for SA black farmers

South Africa emerging black farmers are set to benefit from a multibillion-rand fund that set to be availed by businessman Patrice Motsepe. Motsepe said this during the African Farmers Association of SA (Afasa) agribusiness transformation conference in Bloemfontein over the weekend adding that the fund will focus on assisting those in agriculture, agribusiness and related industries.

Source: The Southern Times (11 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Investment - international

Angola: Foreign businesspeople bet on SEZ

Luanda - Businesspeople from India, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Eritrea are part of foreign investors who are investing funds to open factories in the Luanda / Bengo Special Economic Zone (SEZ). For example, businessmen from the United Arab Emirates are investing in SEZ to set up a factory for agricultural products ...

Source: Angop Angola Press Agency (14 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Burkina Faso: World Bank grants US$200 million loan to Burkina Faso

OUAGADOUGOU, Sept. 25 (Xinhua/GNA) - The World Bank has granted Burkina Faso a loan of over US$200 million to finance its agriculture resilience and competitiveness project, according to Burkina Faso's Ministry of Economy and Finance. Lassane Kabore, Burkina Faso's minister of economy, finance and development, signed the loan agreement here with Soukeyna Kane, World Bank ...

Source: Ghana News Agency (Africa) (07 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Africa: New digital era a beacon for sustainable food and nutrition security

16 September 2019, Accra – Africa’s steady growth towards agricultural transformation over the past two decades can further be sustained through digital technology and innovation. As the continent continues to leverage on digital technology to drive sustainable food systems, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) joined partners, ...

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Botswana, Ghana:  Two Win Gogettaz Agriprenuer Prize

Isaac Sesi, the founder of Sesi Technologies Ghana Limited, and the founder of Maungo Craft in Botswana, Bonolo Monthe have emerged winners of the 2019 GoGettaz Agriprenuer Prize. They each receive a cash prize of $50,000 to expand their businesses. The ultimate winners of the 2019 GoGettaz Agriprenuer Prize were among 11 finalists who have developed innovative ideas ...

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Ghana, Africa: Agribusiness must be driven by science and technology- WACCI Director

Accra, Sept. 4, GNA - Africa needs to mainstream the utilization of science and technology to drive agribusinesses, Professor Eric Danquah, the Founding Director of the West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement (WACCI), University of Ghana, has said. He noted that agribusiness would not flourish if the drive is not underpinned by a good science and ...

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Cape Verde, Macau: Cabo Verde attends 24th Macau International Fair with 22 companies

Cabo Verde plans to attend the 24th Macau International Fair (24MIF) from 17 to 19 October, with 22 private companies exhibiting their products, services and seeking new partnerships and business opportunities, the president of Cabo Verde Trade Invest said in Praia on Thursday. Ana Barber noted that Cabo Verde was ...

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Kenya: Technology, snail products and pomp at Nairobi international trade fair

The Nairobi International Trade Fair returned this year with fanfare, pomp and new technology. Hundreds of stalls have been put up at Jamhuri Showground showcasing steer auctions, dairy and beef cattle, sheep, goats and poultry. There are also stands for research and new technology. It is the 118th edition of the Agricultural Society of Kenya fair ...

Source: Daily Nation News (05 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Nigeria:  Borders Closure - God's Answer to Poultry Farmers' Prayers, Says Farmer

A poultry farmer, Mr Joel Oduware, has lauded the Federal Government for the closure of the nation's borders, describing the development as God's answer to the prayers of poultry farmers. Oduware, who is also a chicken processor, made the statement in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Tuesday. He described the borders closure as laudable, ...

Source: Vanguard (14 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Development and Aid

Africa: How Farmers Can Make a Leapfrog to Higher Income?

Over sixty (60%!) percent of the world’s 7 billion people population lives, is engaged and makes a living from agriculture. The fact that the majority of those farmers’ situation is so poor – should occupy the thoughts of world leaders, as well as the leaders and policymakers in each country (especially the less-developed one).

Source: Farmers Review Africa (14 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Ghana:  Agriculture Insurance Is Vital to the Development of Small Holder Farmers - Mangrove

Dr Daniel Adu Ankrah, the Executive Director of Mangrove, an Agro-based NGO, has said there is the need for the government to turn its attention to agriculture insurance for small holder farmers. He said climate change continues to pose greater risk to farmers and if this is not addressed, it could compromise efforts to make the agriculture sector lucrative and ...

Source: Ghanaian Times (09 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Ghana:  Agricultural Growth Key to Spur Ghana's Economic Growth

Ghana has been viewed as one of Africa's political and economic success stories, from maintaining a multi-party democracy, peace and social cohesion to reducing poverty and growing its middle class. Yet, despite 30 years of continuous growth in per capita income and rapid urbanization, the country has not been able to industrialize and most of the workforce is either ...

Source: Ghanaian Times (11 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Senegal: AFRICA- P124018- Senegal Inclusive and Sustainable Agribusiness Development Project

Senegal - AFRICA- P124018- Senegal Inclusive and Sustainable Agribusiness Development Project - Procurement Plan (English)

Source: World Bank (09 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Zambia:  Unlocking Country's Dead Capital

Agriculture remains central to Zimbabwe's economic revival hopes even though its contribution has declined to less than 12% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2018. Agriculture has strong backward and forward integration to the manufacturing sector for provision of raw materials and agricultural inputs. It also provides employment (directly and indirectly) to over 65% of ...

Source: Zimbabwe Independent (11 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Women and Youth in Agribusiness

Angola:  FAO Reiterates Reinforcement of Agribusiness Promotion Strategy

Malanje — The representative of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Angola, Gherda Barreto, reaffirmed last Thursday the reinforcement of the promotion of youth entrepreneurship, focused on agribusiness in the country, aiming at the generation of jobs opportunities. The official mentioned this position during an evaluation visit of the ...

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Ghana:  President Akufo-Addo Commissions Rehabilitated College of Agriculture

The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has expressed his delight at the rehabilitation of the Ejura College of Agriculture, 56 years after its establishment in 1963. At the ceremony to commission the newly rehabilitated College, on Thursday, 10th October, 2019, on day 2 of his 3-day tour of the Ashanti Region, President Akufo-Addo noted that the ...

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Ghana: Youth in Export programme launched | Ghana News Agency (GNA)

By Francis Duku-Boateng, GNA Koforidua, Oct. 8, GNA - The Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) in collaboration with the Youth Employment Authority (YEA) has launched the Youth in Export Programme (YiEP) at Koforidua in the Eastern Region. The YiEP, dubbed: “Youth in Export for a Ghana Beyond Aid" is aimed at motivating the Ghanaian youth, especially the ...

Source: Ghana News Agency (Business) (11 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Kenya:  Govt Equipping Youth to Sustain Agriculture Sector, President Kenyatta Says

Nairobi — President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday said the government is undertaking measures to ensure that a new generation of farmers emerge to sustain the agricultural sector in the country. The President said there is need to ensure the sustainability of the agricultural sector by encouraging the participation of the nation's youth through technology and ...

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Rwanda: How travel helped young engineer venture into agribusiness

Born and raised in Musanze District, Jules Munyaneza always had ambitions of becoming an architect. With time and the opportunities he was exposed to, his ambitions changed. After spending five years in South Korea studying architectural engineering, he ventured into agribusiness back in his country. The adjustment in interest was partially as a result of interactions, ...

Source: The New Times (Business) (08 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Uganda: How this 24-year-old innovator is tackling food waste in Uganda - Ventures Africa

24-year-old Lawrence Okettayot is tackling food waste in his country, Uganda, with his Sparky Dryer, an eco-friendly dehydrator built with steel and wood. The engineering graduate conceived the idea for the Sparky Dryer four years ago when his uncle, a farmer, told him he was considering leaving the farming business due to a loss of income caused by wastage. The ...

Source: Prepaid Economy (12 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Namibia:  Opposition Leader Muinjangue Pledges to Reduce Farm Prices

Nudo president Utjiua Muinjangue says her party will introduce policies to control agricultural land ownership and reduce prices of farmland, if they are successful at the upcoming election on 27 November. Nudo is one of a number of political parties that is contesting next month's presidential and National Assembly elections. The party launched its election manifesto ...

Source: The Namibian (14 Oct 2019 )  Share

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Zimbabwe:  Cassava Launches Vaya Tractor Services

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed entity Cassava Smartech has once again, in its series of platforms, launched the Vaya tractor services to add to its Eco-farmer portfolio. The service was officially launched by the Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Climate and Rural Resettlement, Perrance Shiri. The new platform will see farmers accessing Vaya tractor services through a ...

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