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Interest in Africa is continuing to grow across the globe - highlighted by the two articles below:-

UK trade commissioner: ‘Post-Brexit Britain will be Africa’s Largest G7 investor
The UK’s trade commissioner for Africa, Emma Wade-Smith, says Brexit is an opportunity not a threat, with Britain poised to improve on existing EU trade agreements and invest billions in African growth. “By 2022, our ambition is that the UK will be the largest G7 investor in Africa, with our private sector companies taking the lead in investing the billions that will see African economies growing by trillions,” Wade-Smith told The Africa Report in an interview, echoing Prime Minister Theresa May’s target set last year ...

Why Tech giants like Google and Microsoft are investing in Africa
... Now approaching 226 million, the number of smartphone connections across Africa has doubled over the last two years, according to a report published by GSMA on Africa's mobile economy.
This leap coupled with the growing number of technology hubs and companies in major African cities is a boon for tech investors ...

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