Utilising a range of customised search objects and filtering algorithms, relevant news from multiple media sources is curated by Africa Alert’s UK-based analysts and delivered directly via email, ensuring that you can see the latest news at your desk or on the move via your mobile device.
Alerts can be delivered daily, weekly or monthly.

A descriptive headline is provided for each article and a snippet, ideal for keeping you up to date with all the latest developments. For a fuller exploration of a story, links are provided to the original item.

Translation functionality is available for non-English language content, including French, Portuguese, Spanish and Swahili.
Articles can be shared with colleagues via the Africa Alert Share facility.

Products Available

  • Standard Alerts that provide the latest top news stories on a range of subjects – for example:
  • Customised Alerts that are configured to meet your individual requirements. Examples range from Africa Agribusiness and Financial Crime in East & West Africa to African Mergers & Acquisitions, Mobile Banking in East Africa and Women's Rights in Africa
  • RSS Feeds
    The RSS feed is designed for organisations that want to take Africa Alert content but view it in their own information systems.
    The RSS Alert is created as an RSS 2.0 XML file which can be downloaded and integrated with other content. SSL Protocol is used so that the identity of the client and the content is encrypted.
    Included is a simple API for implementing the Africa Alert features to translate stories and share stories with colleagues.
    Pricing is dependant on the number of end users viewing the Africa Alert content.

    Click RSS Alert Sample to view a sample Alert in RSS form or RSS Technical Guide for more technical information.

Please contact us to find out more, or to receive a trial.